Howard Dotson Got Caught


60-year-old Howard Dotson, Jr has had a secret. Back in 1997 the Grand Junction, CO man was indicted and charged by a West Virginia Grand Jury on 56 counts of rape, 21 counts of first-degree sexual assault and 20 counts of third-degree sexual assault for crimes against four female victims that stretch back to the ’70s when one of the girls was less than 10-years-old.

A warrant for Dotson’s arrest was issued in Boone County, West Virginia twelve years ago but Dotson fled West Virginia. I don’t yet know how long he’s been in Colorado but after a drunk-driving incident earlier this week involving the scumbag it doesn’t really matter. Karma has caught up with Howard Dotson.

The man was arrested Monday on suspicion of drunken driving, driving without a valid license, criminal impersonation and the sex abuse charges already listed. And unfortunately the injuries pictured above aren’t from the State Patrol kicking this pedophile’s ass, they seem to be from the drunken driving incident.


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  1. i think this man should die for what he hads done to these girls if sent back to west virginia he will be hurt bad if not killed in our jails they look down on rapest and we hve no law and sometimes the men in jail take matters into there own hands here when it comes to harming weman and children so i hope the kill the peace of crap i personaly know some weman that he has raped and this is realy hard on them they are happy he got cought and and would be happer if he were dead the daughters of this peace of crap are good friends of mine which in this case he is realy there grandfather he is a nasty rotten there ios no words for trash like him. god be with the weman and childern that has to go through this tril and relive this alful memory.

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