October 5, 2009

Jackie Knott Got Her An Alabama Child Restraint

  Police in Albertville, Alabama got a real sight when they pulled over 37-year-old Jackie Denise Knott on Saturday. She had a cardboard box on top of her minivan and when officers looked inside they found Denise’s 13-year-old daughter riding inside. It’s not been reported how fast Knott was driving but when police stopped her…Read more

Liz Raedeke Hooked Up With Her Fiance's Brother

As Elizabeth Raedeke’s current MySpace status states, “Love is worse than rollercoasters”. I can related to that. It’s not such a big deal now that I’ve been married going into our third decade (crap that makes me feel old for some reason) but I still remember butterflies in the stomach, the do I or don’t…Read more

If You Are Going to Have a Rolling Meth Lab it Helps to Have a Tag on Your Car

A couple of weeks ago the Rockmart, GA police pulled over 50-year-old James Van Dover in the Ingles’ parking lot in Rockmart because he didn’t have a tag on his gold Buick. Shortly after he was pulled over officers discovered that he either had some sort of license violation or just didn’t have one at…Read more

Updated – Avondale Estates Woman Stabbed to Death

A 21-year-old Avondale Estates woman was found stabbed to death over the weekend. A neighbor in the Oak Creek Apartments called 911 after finding the woman stabbed to death in the bedroom of her apartment. The woman, whose name hasn’t been released yet, is reportedly deaf and lives in the apartment with her twin sister….Read more