Alisson Brant Arrested For Sex With a Student


31-year-old Alisson Brant, the principal of St. Mary of the Woods, a Catholic elementary and middle school in Whitesville, Kentucky has been arrested by the Kentucky State Police after being accused of having an affair with a 15-year-old student.

According to police the molestation lasted about eight weeks and during that time she had intercourse as well as oral sex with the boy and supplied him and four other minors alcohol at her home during a party at the beginning of September.

Brant, who resigned her position rather than be suspended by the diocese, has been charged with Rape, Sodomy and Supplying Alcohol to Minors. When they Daviess County Sheriff’s Office started investigating the allegations they discovered that the Kentucky State Police had already started one.

Brant is lodged in the Daviess County Jail on $35,000 cash bond.

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