Updated – Pediatricians Mark and Scott Blankenburg Molest Boys

Our family has used the same Pediatrician’s office for 17 or 18 years now. Over that time I can’t recall a single instance with any of my three children where the wife and I weren’t in the exam room with the doctors and our children, even when our son was a teenager getting his physical for sports and whatnot. Now I don’t know what kind of policies other doctor’s offices have or maybe it was just the parents not paying attention, but I guess if our doctor ever suggested that I NOT be allowed in the room we would be changing doctors immediately. Apparently, some parents aren’t as vigilant about their children’s safety.

Dr. Mark Blankenburg of Hamilton, Ohio is currently on trial for 16 different sex related charges in addition to money laundering, bribery, and drug trafficking after an investigation into he and his brother, also a pediatrician in the area.

53-year-olds Mark and Scott Blankenburg have allegedly been spending the last 20 to 30 years targeting teenage boys to molest. Dr. Scott Blankenburg has also been accused of sex crimes and his trial is scheduled for next April.

Mark is accused of performing oral sex on three teens as well as fondling a younger boy. He would slip at least $200 when they would leave the office to keep them quiet and hand out money as well as prescription drugs to other patients after they became adults.

Both doctors have been practicing medicine for over 20 years in Hamilton, Ohio. The alleged sexual abuse goes back to about 1987.

Updated 10/16/09 – Dr. Mark Blankenburg was found guilty of all 16 sex charges this afternoon. The 25 drug and money charges will be rules on at a later date.


3 throughts on "Updated – Pediatricians Mark and Scott Blankenburg Molest Boys"

  1. Homosexual advocates will pretend that these two creeps are not homosexuals, but simply child molestors. They always use this excuse to pretend that the homosexual lifestyle is harmless to anyone. Yet, the fact remains that most male homosexuals become homosexuals after being molested as children. Many then continue the cycle by victimizing other youths after they have become defective adults. The normalization of this deviancy will lead to an explosion in victims, and it is our fault for pretending that homosexuality is just another choice. It is a mental illness and should be treated as such. The proper treatment for these two idiots is life in prison. Let their victims benefit from the necessary counseling they will need not to turn into creeps themselves.

  2. The Blankenburgs happen to be gay pedophiles. But some pedophiles are heterosexual.
    My heart goes out to their victims, and congratulations to them for testifying.
    You might want to look at another creepy case involcing a doctor molesting boys. California child psychiatrist Dr. William Ayres, a past president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, was arrested in 2007 for molesting young boys sent to him for therapy. 45 victims have come forward so far, with hundreds more who have not. No doubt the Blankenburgs also have hundreds of victims who still have not come forward.
    Ayres’ next trial is in April 2010. One of his victims has started a very good blog on the case- http://www.williamayreswatch.blogspot.com

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