Adam Manning Missed the Birth Because He Was Busy Groping the Nurse


30-year-old Adam Jay Manning from Bountiful, Utah brought a woman into the hospital in Ogden early this morning. According to the reports I’ve seen so far it isn’t clear of the woman was his girlfriend, wife or whatever but it doesn’t really matter since he’s currently in the Weber County Jail.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune as soon as Manning and the woman got there he made a comment to the nurse about how cute she was after checking her out. He continued his harrasment by telling her it looked like there was something wrong with her neck, reached over to massage it and then grabbed her tit.

The nurse notified police who arrested Manning and charged him with Forcible Sexual Abuse.

You know, I’ve had three children and labor or not if I had even entertained the though my wife probably would have gone to work with a scalpel.

This is not a huge crime in the great scheme of things but damn it’s funny.

Adam Manning’s MySpace.


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