9-Year-Old Athens Boy Finds His Parents Dead

This is just awful. I can’t imagine how much pain this poor child is going through right now. About 6PM last night a 9-year-old boy walked into his parent’s bedroom to find the two of them dead in what police are calling a murder-suicide. Police won’t say which one was the shooter yet.

The two victims have been identified as 36-year-old Scott and 38-year-old Phyllis Marable. Not that it can get much worse but today is their son’s 10th birthday.

The bodies were sent to the GBI Crime Lab for autopsies which turned up nothing more than has already been reported. Police haven’t released whether or not the child was at home at the time of his parent’s deaths. They are reporting that he was playing in the neighborhood most of the day as Friday was a school holiday for most of the districts in North Georgia.

The Athens-Clarke Police Department has reportedly responded to the house on domestic calls in the past.


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