Julia Laack is a Fine Role Model


36-year-old Julia E. Laack of Sheboygan, Wisconsin had a bit to drink on Thursday. Unfortunately she had her kids with her and decided to go to the store while she was inebriated.

As you can see in the video Laack stole a bag a beef jerky and a lighter at a convenience store this past Thursday afternoon. After she left police went to her home to speak to her. It was a relatively minor incident to begin with but Laack refused to come to the door and police could hear her screaming and cursing at her children so they entered the home.


When officers tried to calm Laack down she responded by stripping in front of them and her children, insisting that they couldn’t arrest her because she was naked. When police attempted to arrest the woman she fought with them, kicking one officer in the crotch and spitting in another’s mouth. Once officers forced her into a squad car Laack allegedly mooned everyone around through the window of the car.

So far she has been charged with felony battery of a peace officer, resisting an officer, shoplifting and disorderly conduct. Her preliminary blood-alcohol level was .112, which is well above the .08 limit for driving. So far prosecutors aren’t saying whether she’ll be charged with DUI which with it being Wisconsin they most likely won’t. Historically Wisconsin has been extremely light on drunk drivers.

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