Lupe Ruesta Got a Little Hot Under the Collar


I don’t have any details as to the why but I do know what. 53-year-old Lupe E. Ruesta was arrested by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office today after they received a call that she had set fire to her home with her 19-year-old daughter Alexandra still in it.

The Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and Sheriff’s deputies responded to the call in Jupiter, Florida shortly before ten this morning and put out a small fire near Ruesta’s daughter’s bedroom. The girl was locked in her room.

The home suffered smoke damage, the daughter is reportedly OK and Ruesta was arrested and booked on charges of Arson and Assault. As of about one this afternoon she was lodged in the Palm Beach County Jail and she bonded out about an hour later on $1500 bail.

I tried to call an get a statement but the only number I had was disconnected.


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  1. You know what, I’m kinda pissed that a no name blogger decides that he or she needs to share local news. You didn’t need to post a picture of my mother on there

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