October 11, 2009

Who Killed Stephanie Almanzan?

Just after midnight this past Tuesday police made a grisly discovery in Sante Fe Springs, California. A woman’s body was found bound with wire in a burning dumpster. The woman had to be identified using dental records and now the are reporting that the woman was 21-year-old Stephanie Almanzan. As of right now there are…Read more

Mauricio Garcia Wants to Show You a True Man

Back in January a 14-year-old girl was arrested after running away from home in Kenner, Louisiana. The reason she gave for having run away was because her stepfather had allegedly sexually harassed her by making sexual advances and inappropriately touching her. According to the girl 25-year-old Mauricio Garcia, originally from Honduras, came into her bedroom,…Read more

Chris Voorhis Wanted a Beer

This past Tuesday 26-year-old Christopher R. Voorhis and his 25-year-old girlfriend Lindsay M. Nicklin had left a friend’s house and went in search of sustenance. Chris apparently wanted a beer pretty badly. Badly enough to steal one so he parked outside the BP in the Wildwood area and went inside with a knife. He admitted…Read more