Chris Voorhis Wanted a Beer


This past Tuesday 26-year-old Christopher R. Voorhis and his 25-year-old girlfriend Lindsay M. Nicklin had left a friend’s house and went in search of sustenance. Chris apparently wanted a beer pretty badly. Badly enough to steal one so he parked outside the BP in the Wildwood area and went inside with a knife. He admitted to going inside with the intent to steal but this is where the whining starts.

The proprietor has been robbed in the past, which is unfortunately one of the downsides to running a convenience stores. It’s convenient for everyone. This time though Liaquat Hossain wasn’t going to take the shit. He grabbed a metal pipe and chase Voorhis out of the store and into his car, beating him the entire time. Voorhis and Nicklin took off. Deputies issued a bulletin for the car and in the meantime another call came in concerning the couple.

I guess since they couldn’t get a beer Chris and Lindsay decided to get something to eat from a fast food restaurant. When the credit card they used was declined the two took the food anyway and left. Sumter Police finally caught up to the two down the road and Voorhis was taken to a Leesburg Hospital to be treated. When doctors finished with him deputies arrested Voorhis and lodged him in the Marion County Jail charged with Attempted Armed Robbery with $30,000 bond.

Some of Voorhis’ comments about the robbery?

I understand the man was upset, but he could’ve stopped when I left the store

He also said that Hossain hit his car several times hard enough to make the air bag deploy.

I thought he went overboard. I no longer had the knife

I never meant for anything to happen. It’s just bad luck on my part. I’m hoping the charges will be reduced.”

It’s not bad luck you stupid fucker. You made a conscious decision to take something that didn’t belong to you at someone else’s expense. You are luckier than you think…lucky Hossain didn’t shoot your dumb ass.

Voorhis has two children, is unemployed and lives with his mother. Fucking loser. I’ll give you two guesses which way his vote went in the last election. Just another asshole who thinks that he should be able to take anything he needs on someone else’s dime and sees nothing wrong with it. Perhaps he should consider a career with the IRS or maybe as a Florida Congressman. They would probably give him the Nobel Peace Prize.

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