Cody Plant Found Sleeping With a Corpse


Sunday afternoon the owner of a vacant home came by the house with family members and thought they heard voices as well as signs of a possible forced entry, so they called the police. Harris County Texas Deputies entered the home to look around and found 21-year-old Cody Jean Plant from Cypress, Texas asleep. In a closet. With a dead guy.

According to the Assistant Chief Deputy Mark Herman, “There were two guys in the closet. They appeared to be sleeping — one was snoring and the other was deceased. It appeared that they were doing some sort of narcotics — at least the one that they woke up. He was under the influence of something, obviously.”

Plant was arrested on three misdemeanor drug charges. Originally he was also charged with abuse of a corpse after prosecutors alleged he treated the body in an offensive manner but once a judge examined the the allegations that was dropped.

Sometimes I just have to ask myself, what the fuck?

Cody’s Facebook.


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