Aarin Cratty is a Crappy Father


Back in early October police in Bismarck, ND responded to a call of an unresponsive child. 20-year-old Aarin Cratty, the father, told them that the boy wasn’t breathing. He was taken by ambulance to St. Alexius Medical Center where they determined that the baby had bleeding on the brain and retinal hemorrhages, both of which are signs of shaking a baby too hard or “shaken baby syndrome”. Doctors believe that the baby, Hank Allen Arden Cratty, was brain dead at the time. He was three and a half months old.

According to the arrest affidavit Cratty told police that he shook the baby and Hank’s head struck his knee. He told them he was frustrated because the baby wouldn’t stop crying.

Cratty was originally charged with Abuse or Neglect of a Child with a $10,000 bond but that has now been increased to $100,000 and a charge of murder. Hank Cratty died on October 10th.


Aarin Cratty’s MySpace.

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