Updated – Ryan Bonnett Needed a Smoke

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This is the second cigarette related incident in the last week. Very weird.

22-year-old Ryan Bonnett of Reno, Nevada has been arrested in Storey County in the first murder in recent history there.

Sunday night Ryan asked 47-year-old Eileen Pruitt for a cigarette. After she denied the request Ryan apparently took it personally and beat her to death. Personally I think he was just looking for any excuse. Someone that would beat a woman to death over a cigarette just wanted an excuse.

Pruitt was taken to Renown Medical Center Sunday night where she died following surgery.

Bonnett has been held without bond in the Storey County Jail on charges of murder.

The first mug shot above is from this arrest and the second one is from 2007 when he was arrested in Reno with a group of men on suspicion of resisting arrest related to fleeing from a vehicle during a traffic stop.

Ryan has a couple of unused MySpace accounts here, here and here. His current one, H/T to Matt in the comments, can be found here.

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2 throughts on "Updated – Ryan Bonnett Needed a Smoke"

  1. Unfortunately, I was once friends with this piece of SHIT. He was always a little crazy. He used to use meth alot, and was ok when he wasn’t using, however, I suspect he was back on it judging by his mugshot. I notice you found 3 unused myspace accounts, his real account can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/201646678

  2. Thanks for the update. Will make sure to add it in now. Yeah, he looks like a tweaker. Aside from the possible meth sores the sunken eyes are a pretty tell-tale sign.

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