Updated – Jeffrey Few is Missing


Just came across this at CBSAtlanta and wanted to get it up quickly. I’ll try and update it later today, have to take a child to have oral surgery (ouch!) shortly.

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Henry County Police are looking for a 10-year-old child who was taken from his school Monday afternoon by his mother.

31-year-old Jennifer J. Cook sent an email to the child’s school pretending to be the father, asking to make 10-year-old Jeffrey William Few, a car rider.

Cook, who does not have custody of the child, picked Jeffrey up around 2:30PM from Flippen Elementary School in Henry County.

Cook has a warrant out for her arrest out of Butts County on an unrelated matter.

Cook is a white female, 5’0, 120lbs., with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is possibly driving a 1990 Acura Legend, gray in color, with North Carolina tag “DRHOOTER”.

Jeffrey is a white male, 4’0, 70lbs., with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Cook may be headed to Charlotte, Ohio, or Michigan, as she has family in each location.

If you have seen the mother or the child, please call Henry County Police at 770-957-9121.

Check back later for more details.

Updated – I don’t know about Henry County Schools but the Elementary School my youngest attends requires permission in writing to be taking to the school in person either by the parent or the child.

Update II 10/21/09 – As far as I’ve been able to find this morning Jeffrey and his mother Jennifer Joanne Cook still have not been located.There is a news report over at CBSAtlanta which mentions my concern about how some schools monitor transportation for their children.

Regardless of how the school handled it Shawn Few wants nothing but his child’s return and he is supporting the school. I mentioned the policy that my daughter’s elementary school has and that is only fairly recent. Up until last year I could call or email and they would make the appropriate changes but changed their policy at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year. I can remember how frustrated I was with the new policy because of a change I needed to make. I had to leave work and take a written request to her school in order to make that change right at the beginning of the year. In hindsight I am very happy that they implemented the new rules.


According to Jennifer Cook’s MySpace, which she hasn’t logged into in a while, she works for a pediatrician. Then there is this page where she suggests (back in May) that she is an experienced actress and model, new in the Atlanta area. It’s entirely possible that this isn’t the same Jen Cook but it is the same girl pictured on Jennifer’s MySpace page and is also listed in Shawn Few’s friend’s list. Too much coincidence for it not to be the right one.

Update II 10/21/09 – Henry County Officials have issued yet a third warrant for Jennifer Cook. She forged a signature on a prescription and got it filled at a Walgreens in Henry County. She now faces charges of prescription drug fraud.

Update III 10/27/09 – Police are still looking for Jeffrey Few and his mother Jennifer Cook who may be going by one of two aliases, Jennifer Few or Jenna Marie Miller. Both Shawn Few and his girlfriend are currently taking time off of work in order to try and find Jeffrey.

According to Crime Searchers Online the girlfriend, Dana Williams, said that they believe Cook drove down from Detroit, Michigan on Sunday and kidnapped Jeffrey the next day.

Apparently Few and Cook share joint custody and Cook was reported earlier this year to DFCS but they told Few that there wasn’t enough evidence to withhold custody from the mother. Jeffrey wasn’t being fed properly and had missed time in school while he was in her custody. According to the girlfriend Jennifer Cook was in a hospital in Detroit earlier this year and during that time Jeffrey wasn’t attending school. Few was able to get a court order at that time to assume custody of his son.

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