Pat Naquin Beat and Stomped a Two-Year-Old


Here’s yet another sad story about a woman who left her children with her penis and something awful happened. Luckily the child is still alive and recovering in this case.

21-year-old Patrick Naquin of Houma, Louisiana was left in charge of his girlfriend’s two children, ages 2 and 4, when she went to the store to buy milk. The two-year-old boy started to cry as she left and apparently Naquin was unable to get him to stop via conventional means so he decided to think outside the box. Way the fuck outside.

Naquin told officers that he lost his temper and slammed the little boy on the couch injuring his head. According to the four year old he also hit the child and stomped him, then took his shoe off and beat the boy some more. He was beaten so brutally that he was in intensive care for four days and they finally moved him into a regular room last night. Then the piece of shit covered him up with a blanket in a lame attempt to hide it.

When the little boy’s mother came home from the store it was to find her youngest child lying on the couch covered with the blanket. Drawing back the cover she found the side of his head bleeding and called 911.

Pat Naquin has been arrested and charged with Cruelty to a Juvenile and is currently lodged in the Terrebonne Parish Jail on bond of $150,000. If he’s convicted he faces up to forty years in prison.

I hate to say it but I doubt very seriously this was the first time the child has been abused by his mother’s boyfriend. Police have not reported any other evidence of abuse but the signs have to be there somewhere.

Anyone that has information on this case, please feel free to contact me anonymously at


Pat Naquin’s MySpace (he actually has a couple of other accounts but this seems like the most active).


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  1. Pat Naquin never deserved a life, in the first place. This Godless, fearless MONKEY doesn’t deserve 40 years imprisonment – he deserves imprisonment even after his lifetime. I hope her girlfriend didn’t tolerate his acts during the first incident. He is hopeless!

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