Sunday Night Shooting in Villa Rica

Another shooting right down the road from the casa.

The Villa Rica Police Department responded to the Hampton Court Apartments last night around 10:30 p.m. after having received several 911 calls reporting shots fired in the vicinity.

When police arrived at the apartment complex they found that 21-year-old Jacory Pugh (MySpace) had accidently shot his 17-year-old brother and a 19-year-old man from Douglasville. Neither of the victim’s names have been released. The shooting resulted from an argument over a hat as well as a Playstation.

The two victims, along with Pugh, were asked to take their dispute outside by the person who actually lives in the apartment. Once outside the brother and man from Douglasville started going at it. Pugh noticed at one point that his brother was losing the fight and decided to fire a couple of warning shots from his pistol in order to stop the fight.

Here’s the thing. When you fire a warning shot it’s generally in the direction of the sky, or perhaps even a soft patch of dirt. It gets the point across and hopefully nobody gets hurt. You have to be careful even with warning shots fired up in the air though because what goes up eventually must come down. Pugh, being the award winning genius he must be, decided to dispense with all that aiming away shit and fired his warning shots right into the fight. Fucktard.

The 19-year-old man took a bullet below his ribcage which exited the body and Pugh’s little brother got shot in the side where the bullet lodged. Both of them were transported to hospitals in Atlanta. Pugh ran off like the scared thug he really is.

Luckily for police (and any other future innocent bystanders) they found him in his brother’s hospital room around seven this morning and arrested him on charges of aggravated assault.

According to Pugh’s MySpace “I’m cool, crazy & funny. I am a Chi-Town represenative if you don’t like it kiss my ass BITCH!!!. I can be a cool ass dude but if you get on my bad side we gon have some problems pimpin. If you fuck wit me in the wrong way you could get killed.” No shit Sherlock. Do us a favor and point the gun at yourself next time.

Unfortunately the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t make mug shots and booking reports available to the general public. In order to get one I will have to drive down to the Sheriff’s Department and pay for it. Hell, I have to go to Carrollton in the morning so I may just do that.


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