October 23, 2009

John Haig Marshall Allegedly Likes His Men Drugged and Shaved

53-Year-Old John Haig Marshall of Redondo Beach was arrested on October 8th for allegedly drugging a friend and raping him and then shaving his body as he lay helpless in the shower. Damn, remind me never to invite this dude over for a beer. Marshall is a former Redondo Beach Police Department reserve officer (for…Read more

Christina Mcintyre Arrested for Trying to Smother her Son

23-Year-Old Christina Marie Mcintyre has been arrested and charged with Attempted Domestic Felony Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse, Child Abuse and Child Neglect Causing Great Bodily Harm after she allegedly tried to kill her 11-month-old son Elijah so that she could return to work. Dayum. According to police in Titusville, Florida Mcintyre tried to use her…Read more

Eric Fagan Arrested in California Cold Case

Back in 1989 32-year-old Cathy Lynn Paternoster and her boyfriend Carl Fuerst were shot out in the driveway of their home in Spring Valley, California as they arrived home and got out of their van. Fuerst was only wounded but Paternoster was killed. At the time of the killing then-54-year-old Attorney Eric F. Fagan was…Read more