Christina Mcintyre Arrested for Trying to Smother her Son


23-Year-Old Christina Marie Mcintyre has been arrested and charged with Attempted Domestic Felony Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse, Child Abuse and Child Neglect Causing Great Bodily Harm after she allegedly tried to kill her 11-month-old son Elijah so that she could return to work.


According to police in Titusville, Florida Mcintyre tried to use her two-year-old son to accomplish the deed using a blanket and bean bag chair. Later on she punished her older son for being bad for the incident.

During the attempt, on October 6th, Mcintyre got cold feet and called 911. It took two minutes into the call before she told the operator that her son wasn’t breathing and then made a half-assed attempt at CPR. Luckily early responders were pretty quick that day and got to the house seconds later, reviving the little toddler. She told the operator and EMTs that her son had apnea.

As a result of the call Mcintyre took her son to several different hospitals for Apnea tests. One of the tests was recorded on video and the result of it is that the Department of Children and Families called police to tell them that the tests were fine and the mother was the cause of the breathing problems.

After questioning Mcintyre admitted to trying to kill her baby because she wanted to go back to work and couldn’t afford the day care for two children. The aggravated child abuse charges stem from the fact that because of the mother little Elijah has had four doctor’s appointments and three hospitalizations over the last month with several invasive tests.

Both of the children and now in DCF custody. Hopefully they can find someone with a couple of snakes in their head less than Christina Mcintyre.

According to Christina’s OkCupid profile,

I love to just go out and have a good time. I love going to the beach and spending time with my sons. I am single and just wanna have a little fun.i am looking for someone that enjoys children and has no bullshit in there life.My first priority is my children but that doesn’t mean i dont have room for that mr.right.i have no respect for people who lie or cheat!!!

Yeah, she needs someone with no bullshit because she carries enough of it around for the two of you.


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