Eric Fagan Arrested in California Cold Case


Back in 1989 32-year-old Cathy Lynn Paternoster and her boyfriend Carl Fuerst were shot out in the driveway of their home in Spring Valley, California as they arrived home and got out of their van. Fuerst was only wounded but Paternoster was killed. At the time of the killing then-54-year-old Attorney Eric F. Fagan was a person of interest but investigators didn’t have enough evidence to charge him with anything.

Flash forward 20 years. A cold case team of detectives reopened the case in April of 2008 and through re-interviewing people they say that they have built up enough circumstantial evidence to implicate Fagan in the murders.

According to detectives at the time of the shooting Fagan was dating Betty Paternoster, the mother of Cathy Lynn Paternoster, and Fagan allegedly shot and killed the woman in order for Betty to gain custody of her granddaughters.

Fagan, who graduated from law school at Irvine University School of Law in 1979 is also an author. He’s written a couple of books, How to Defend Your Own Civil Suit (couldn’t find a link to that, it may be an eBook or something) and the slightly more famous Cast Your Net: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Soulmate on the Internet.

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Investigators won’t release any more details of their evidence as they feel it would jeopardize their case. Fagan was arrested earlier this week at his home in Chula Vista and was charged Thursday with Murder and Attempted Murder. He is currently being held on $2 Million Bond and is supposed to be arraigned Friday.

Fagan is a civil attorney who turned his law firm over to his two sons in 1995. The firm’s web site has all but disappeared as well as any content that may have been on it but of course the cached version is here and you can also look via the Wayback Machine. The thing about that is that cached versions use graphics that would normally still be on the site but in this case even those have been deleted.


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  1. I have known Eric fagan for 30 years He is one of a kind , And If the police was doing there jobs correct ! They would know that Cathy Paternoster,My Sisterinlaw had dealings with drug and Let me tell all of you that Eric Fagan and Cathys mother was not together at the time ,She lived in Victorville and Eric lived in San Diego , There had been menation of wrong doing to one of cathys kids ,Well I know who that feels frist hand , I married cathys brother Christopher Robin Paternoster and gave birth to his Daughter and that monster beat me and hurt my 4 year old son , The monster chris was staying with his mother and the time of the murder, I wish they would check his record My money would be on chris .

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