Pretty Vacant

Posting will be pretty light over the next few days. SWG has celebrated another year around the sun and several of us bloggers and non-bloggers will be celebrating at the straight white casa. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen any of these reprobates so I am looking forward to a bit of revelry fueled by alcohol and gunpowder.

Who knows? By Sunday afternoon I might be gracing these pages myself…but let’s hope not.

I’m not saying that I won’t be blogging, as a matter of fact if I can crawl out of bed early enough tomorrow before making my trek to Athens, Tennessee I’ll get a couple of posts up. If you really need a crime fix head on over to one of the sites linked in the side bar, I’m sure there will be no lack of excitement while I’m gone no matter how much I think the world might revolve around me and hell, if you really need to see something here email it to me and I’ll post it in the evening provided I can see straight.

4 throughts on "Pretty Vacant"

  1. Straight white casa? Not sure what you’re referring to, but sounds like you’ve got a fun wkend planned with friends, adult beverages etc.
    Doing a little blog walking this am, I’ll join friends for adult beverages a little later on. So…here’s to ya (tips glass)

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