October 27, 2009

Leatherface Jason Marshall Beats His Wife With an Ax

Monday afternoon a 911 call came into Baxter County, Arkansas from a woman who said that her husband had assaulted her with an ax. A little while later she called back to tell them that she and her children had escaped but that they needed medical attention. She drove to a major intersection and met…Read more

Johnnie Joe Hobbs is Burning Hot

47-Year-Old Johnnie Joe Hobbs of Tulsa, OK is a sex offender. He was convicted of Showing Obscene Material to a Child, Lewd Molestation and Making Lewd Proposals to a Child. He also has some sort of suspended sentence on an unknown conviction in Muskogee County, Oklahoma. Having spent time in prison Johnnie Joe was darn…Read more

The Sprague Brothers Really Like Beer Pong

There are certain sports that just seem to lend themselves to violence both among their players as well as the fans. Rugby and it’s American counterparts Football and Soccer, Hockey, Beer Pong…Wait a minute! Beer Pong? Apparently there are groups of people that take their Beer Pong so seriously that messing with them will result…Read more

Updated – Naomi Perez Has Snakes in Her Head

33-Year-Old Former teacher at Saddleback High School Naomi Perez is free on $50,000 bond as she faces charged of sexual misconduct with a 17-Year-Old student as well as vandalizing his car. The resident of Brea, CA was arraigned earlier today on charges of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse, Oral Copulation of a Minor, Sexual Penetration by Foreign…Read more

Marc Silberman Arrested For Molesting a Child

27-Year-Old Anaheim, California resident Marc Alan Silberman has been arrested for allegedly molesting a girl at Savanna High School where he was substitute teaching last Thursday. The girl reported to police on Friday that she met Silberman when he was teaching at her school last week. She told them that Silberman had “Sexual Contact” with…Read more

Today's Big Drug Bust in Cherokee County

Seems like law enforcement in and around Atlanta have really been stepping up their game the last couple of weeks, particularly against a Mexican drug trafficking ring they have been investigating for the last three months. Law enforcement executed six search warrants in Cherokee, Fulton and Dekalb Counties, arresting eight people in the process. All…Read more

Girl Escapes Kidnapping in Maywood California

Police in Maywood, California are searching for the Hispanic man in the composite pictured above for attempted kidnapping. A 13-Year-Old girl was walking to school around a quarter till seven this morning when a man driving a black or dark SUV started following her. He then stopped the vehicle, got out and started to chase…Read more