Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller Picked a Great Disguise

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Occasionally amongst all of the fucktards and scumbags that are featured here at Shadowscope along come a couple of winners that are so ignorant and stupid in their failed attempt at breaking the law that I just have to laugh. 23-Year-Old Matthew Allan McNelly and 20-Year-old Joey Lee Miller crawled out of the shallow end of the gene pool this week for our amusement in their attempt to break into an apartment in Carroll, Iowa last Friday night.

This close to Halloween the local Wal-Mart must have been out of Spiderman and Kiss masks because the two guys pictured above could only find a Sharpie to disguise themselves. They must have been smoking something before they went on their ‘rampage’ last week is all I can think.

A witness to the attempted break-in called 911 and the two gentlemen drove off in a white 1994 Buick Roadmaster. Regardless of their diabolically clever disguises police were able to track down the two law breakers a couple of blocks away and arrested the two men at gunpoint.

Both men were charged with Attempted 2nd-Degree Burglary and are currently out on bond trying to wash the permanent marker off of their faces in hopes that the judge won’t recognize them in court.

McNelly has a few pictures up on his MySpace page minus the magic marker. McDreamy, as he calls himself, also blogs there, with choice entries such as ‘107 reasons why BEER is better than WOMEN’. Joey’s MySpace hasn’t been logged into in a couple of years now.


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