Brandon Trent Sodomized a Three-Year-Old

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23-Year-Old Brandon J. Trent’s wife was babysitting a three-year-old child for her mother while she worked. The wife had to go to St. Claire Regional Medical Center to visit her mother briefly and since little kids normally aren’t allowed to visit sick folks she took Brandon along to help her out.

The wife was only inside the hospital for about half an hour Tuesday afternoon and as far as she knew all was well. They went home and the little girl’s mother picked her up that afternoon. The trouble which Brandon had started in the hospital parking lot in Morehead , Kentucky came to a head itself when the child told her mother some things that were really disturbing about Trent. She felt that the child had been sexually assaulted so she called the police.


After she took her little girl to the emergency room to be examined she spoke with social services as well as law enforcement. The little girl gave the police enough information that they also believed she had been assaulted.

At that point Trent was brought in and questioned. He was arrested and charged with Sodomy in the First Degree and lodged in the Rowan County Detention Center around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning.

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