GA Legislator May to Introduce Measure to Require 'No Candy Here' Signs

State Representative Rob Teilhet has represented parts of Smyrna and Marietta, GA for the last seven years. He is not my representative out here in Temple but from all I have heard he is a pretty honest and straightforward guy.

Teilhet, who is running for Attorney General, is planning on introducing a measure that would require sex offenders on the state of Georgia to post ‘No Candy Here’ signs on Halloween. Some laws similar to this are in place in Florida (home of the sex offender), Indiana and Maryland.

I think the law is a great idea and a good tool for parents on Halloween and will be emailing my legislator to suggest he support this measure when it comes time.

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2 throughts on "GA Legislator May to Introduce Measure to Require 'No Candy Here' Signs"

  1. I’m sorry, but this is a stupid idea that will do nothing. Just like all the rest of the “sex offender” laws. It might make some uninformed, stupid people feel good though. That is obviously good enough for them.
    People who support these retroactive harassing laws do not deserve to call themselves Americans.

  2. Unfortunately 90% of the laws are made for 10% of the people. In this case it’s probably more like 1% but the fact that our current tracking system for repeat pedophiles sucks makes laws like this happen.
    There does need to be something else done with the way we classify people as sex offenders (most of them are not) but for the true child rapists and other pedophiles, this should be standard.

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