Doug Wilhite Accused of Sex Crimes


Back in July56-year-old  F. Douglas Wilhite was arrested on July 15th on charges that he got a 15-year-old boy drunk with beer, wine and vodka and then had sex with him around a dozen times from February until May. They boy had been living near Doug Wilhite and his wife near Ormond Beach, Florida. At that point in time Wilhite was charged with Sexual Battery and held on $100,000 bond.

As of this past Thursday Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Wilhite yet again on 15 new charges stemming from the investigation. Investigators interviewed seven additional victims in the area. He’s being held again in the Volusia County Jail but this time his bond is $1.5 million.

According to investigators none of the new victims had sex with Wilhite but they were exposed to the man walking around his house naked as well as five of them being made to expose themselves in his house. They were offered alcohol, shown pornographic material and all were encouraged to have sex so that he could watch.

Two of the victims claimed to have had sex in front of them and one of the girls said that Wilhite would masturbate while watching her have sex with one of the boys. He has also been accused of inappropriately touching some of the girls.

Wilhite is a professed nudist, which along with being well known is one of the things that have gotten him national attention from the news media. Not to downplay the nudity but I don’t really have a problem with that. Different strokes as they say. If I didn’t have kids tromping around my damned house all the time I would most likely stay nekked as well, but then I guess that’s the difference between Doug Wilhite and myself. I know when to keep my fucking pants on.

When deputies showed up to arrest Wilhite in July he initially refused to put clothes on but once told that he would be charged with public nudity he changed his mind and got dressed. This time around I guess he decided he had nothing to lose (damn sure not his dignity) and refused to get dressed for the ride to the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies provided him with a blanket to cover himself with.

Wilhite’s new charges are contributing to the delinquency of a minor, showing obscene material to a minor, lewd or lascivious conduct and lewd or lascivious exhibition.

In addition to being the Conductor of the Ormond Beach Symphony Orchestra Doug is the President and Owner of Wings Communications, which owns WELE 1380 AM and the “Premier Travel Show” which airs on WELE.

One thing I find interesting and I am sure is only because Doug has money and somewhat minor celebrity, a circuit court judge set aside the $1.5 million bond and ordered the accused pedophile released on his own recognizance. Luckily his earlier bond has been revoked by the agency that supplied it back in July so he’s still sitting in jail. The judge, John Doyle, said that his arrest on an anonymous tip was “frivolous”. The anonymous tips was that Wilhite was loading his belongings into his 37-foot-boat and preparing to leave.

While Wilhite’s attorney states that he is innocent he made a statement to investigators, “after speaking with my attorney I know now what I was doing with the children was criminal”. Yeah. Whatever.


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