John and Amy Davis Gotta Have Their Beer

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Meet John and Amy Davis from South Carolina. John and Amy enjoy evenings at home, walks in the park, yelling at each other in front of their children’s friends, beer and not much else. This lucky couple has won an all expenses paid trip courtesy of the tax payers to the Spartanburg County Jail. Woohoo!

Spartanburg County deputies were called out to their house after responding to a complaint by a friend of Amy’s. She told police that her daughter had come home crying after she witnessed a fight at the Davis household.

When police arrived at their home they noticed that the glass in the front door was broken out along with another window and 34-year-old John Davis met them at the door with beer in hand. Perhaps he should have shown a bit of neighborliness and offered them a bresky. It couldn’t have gotten much worse.

Once they got inside deputies discovered trash and beer bottles lying around mixed with clothing, very little furniture and no beds for their children, a drunk guy from down the street (at least John teaches about sharing…) and nothing at all inside the refrigerator except a bottle of ketchup and a case of Colt 45, the poor man’s beer. That shit is almost as nasty as Budweiser.

Police also heard 27-year-old Amy Davis, screaming and yelling in the bathroom. When asked John told police that she was bipolar and grossly intoxicated. The king of understatements.

After speaking to them two of the three children told deputies that their mother was drinking and had physically assaulted all three of them and that they had been told by their parents not to tell the counselor at school because they would be taken away.

Their daughter, who  had scratches and redness under her eyes, told police that her mother had picked her up by the throat and slammed her down on the floor and then grabbed her by the hair and did it again. Two of the children told officers that the abuse happened a lot.

All three children have been placed in emergency protective custody and lodged in the Spartanburg County Jail (a beer-free environment) and charged with child neglect.


H/T to Parents Behaving Badly.

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