Nathan Schaller Likes it Kinky


Not only does he like it kinky but 23-year-old Nathan B Schaller from Winter Haven Florida, a student at the University of Central Florida, likes it with 14-year-old girls.

“Nate” tried as hard as he could to be sneaky and not get caught but the Palm Beach Police are smarter than he is and busted his (alleged) pedophile ass.

An undercover agent joined a chat room on the Internet titled “Florida” and began a chat with the man who later turned out to be Schaller. The officer told him that he was a14-year-old girl and sent him what was actually a childhood photo of another officer.

During the month that followed Schaller and the “girl” chatted at least 10 times. Schaller also emailed his telephone number to the officer along with photos of his boys as well as jerking off on web cam for his supposed victim. While he was performing he showed his face several times as well as his UCF t-shirt (way to go brain surgeon!) which helped police to identify the man.

While chatting Schaller also told the officer that he just wanted “to make sure I’m not being set up or anything like on To Catch a Predator lol”. So who has the last LOL now, dickhead? He also told ‘her’ that she might be too young for what he had in mind but solicited her anyway to have kinky sex with him and another man.

Nathan B Schaller was booked Monday morning into the Palm Beach County Jail on $60,000 bond. If he is released he is to be held on house arrest. He’s been charged with Using a computer to seduce, solicit or lure a child (Obscene Communications), Cruelty toward Children by transmitting electronic info which could harm a minor and Computer Pornography & Child Exploitation.

Nate also fancies himself a song writer. H/T to the Dead Kids of MySpace for this one,

New song i wrote

Dirty floors and your promdress
make such a great match
your dignity reaks like the mattress
just one more slut with regreets
so has this night lost its luster
when your makeup drips
and the kegs run dry
this enigma of love will fade
was it worth what you lost,
and what have you come gain.
was there something in your eye to block what i see

Obviously the University of Central Florida forgot to send Schaller back through remedial English when he started there.


Booking blotter.

Nate’s MySpace.

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