It’s a story almost as old as love itself. Once you’ve got more than one man and woman together in the same place sooner or later there will be a love triangle and the jealousy to go along with it.

A fight earlier broke out earlier this week on the eighth grade hall at Rex Middle School in Clayton County, GA. It got so out of hand that the resource officer ended up having to arrest both the participants.

Chaka Cobb and an unnamed male at Rex Middle School are having a baby together Over the weekend she discovered a love letter on the baby daddy’s Facebook page from Ebony Smith. She responded to it out of anger and as words often do online, they got out of hand. Unfortunately that carried over to school on Monday. More accusations flew between the two, threats to put the love letter on a blackboard for everyone to see, cursing and then finally punches were thrown.

Just another day in the life of a lovelorn student huh?

Oh hell, no! You know I wouldn’t be posting that shit unless there was a really good reason.

Ebony Smith and Chaka Cobb are teachers at Rex Middle School, as is the baby daddy. These two crazy bitches were punching and hollering at each other in the middle of the hall for their students to see.

Both of them were arrested for disorderly conduct and Ebony Smith was also charged with simple battery since she started the fight.

Zero Tolerance by god! Isn’t that what we keep hearing? A couple of little knuckle draggers duke it out in the hallway what happens? They are expelled or maybe just sent to alternative school if it’s their first offense. So what has the Clayton County Board of Education done? Why, they’ve suspended the two teachers with pay pending an investigation.

Even students get the right to have an investigation I guess, but if both of these teachers aren’t summarily fired for the incident it will show everyone what a bunch of fucking hypocrites sit on the school board.

I know I don’t have any mug shots or Facebook links but I will endeavor to fix that just as soon as possible.

Ebony Smith’s Facebook profile is here and Chaka Cobb’s can be found here.

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