Terence Lee Offended Again

37-Year-Old Terence Jerome Lee is a convicted sex offender living in the Daytona Beach, Florida area. He was convicted in 2001 for six counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor in Carteret County, North Carolina. I guess he found Florida a bit more hospitable to convicted sex offenders and moved there at some point since. His last registered address in North Carolina was verified in July of 2002. In 2007 he was charged for failing to register in Volusia County, Florida. According to the registry adjudication was withheld. Basically that means that he is guilty but there was no punishment.

As I mentioned above, Lee now lives (or did) in Daytona Beach. Back in August he invited a couple of boys, one who was 15, to his house for an alcoholic drink. When Terence Lee was fixing the drinks the other boy allegedly saw Lee putting a white powdery substance that he thought was sugar in the 15-Year-Old’s drink. The boy went to the bathroom and when he came out the 15-Year-Old was passed out and Lee was rubbing his thigh. He woke his friend up and the two went to leave so Lee offered to give them a ride home.

First he dropped off the friend. The 15-Year-Old passed out yet again and when he woke up Lee was “performing a sex act” on him.

Police in Daytona Beach arrested Terence Lee earlier today and charged him with Sexual Battery as well as a violation of probation. Investigators believe that Lee may have other recent victims. Anyone that may have information on Terence Lee or his victims is urged to call Detective Elaine Golsen with the Daytona Beach PD at 386-671-5205


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