Who Killed Stephanie Almanzan?


Just after midnight this past Tuesday police made a grisly discovery in Sante Fe Springs, California. A woman’s body was found bound with wire in a burning dumpster. The woman had to be identified using dental records and now the are reporting that the woman was 21-year-old Stephanie Almanzan.

As of right now there are no suspects in the murder of this mother of two and police in Whittier are continuing to investigate the circumstance surrounding the murder.

Stephanie’s 1991 white Nissan Maxima with black trim and rims is missing and prior to her disappearance she told her younger sister that she needed $40 to pay a debt to a girl that was threatening her. She felt like she had paid the debt by giving the woman rides but apparently the woman had not seen it that way.

Stephanie unfortunately had gotten hooked up with the wrong crowd over the last few years and was a meth addict, which may have played a big part in her death.

Stephanie last logged into her MySpace account on Monday and now her page is filling with comments from people that knew and loved the woman. The last time anyone heard from her was through a text message to her father about 6:30PM Sunday evening. He tried to text her back but she never answered.

A memorial fund has been set up to cover Stephanie Almanzan’s funeral expenses as well as to help her two children, five and three. You can make donations at Citibank to account number 40-055-454-249 under the name Richard Almanzan.

Normally I can write about crimes and while I will find some of them disturbing or maybe they make me a little angry after a little research I found myself tearing up. Earlier this year Stephanie took her five-year-old son to Disneyland and one of the comments she made on a photo was something along the lines of “he just can’t wait to go back”. A simple little comment until I thought that he would never be able to go back with his mother again. Then a simple comment becomes heartbreaking.


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  1. wow last time i went to disneyland with my 5 year old and I past by the furniture store were this happend to herand I just started crying. I never knew stephanie but I can relate to her because I used to have a drug problem and i know how dangerous that life can be especially for a girl like stephanie.and thanks to god I am drug-free now. I know she was a good girl. She is in a better place now. One thing that I know is that the people you hang around with has tons of influence. obviously the people she hung around were trash.I am surprised that the police has not found her car. I wish they could find her killer and kill him the same way.May she rest in peace

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