Blake Wagner is Sort of Creepy


18-Year-Old Christopher Blake Wagner of Carrollton, GA is in trouble with the law in the West Georgia town. He was arrested Monday November 2nd and charged with violating the computer or electronic pornography laws as well as the Child Exploitation Act and Unlawful Eavesdropping or Surveillance.

For the last few months Wagner has allegedly been extorting information from at least one young girl using his Facebook account. What Carrollton Police are saying he would do is to request to be friends using his Facebook account (linked below) and once he did that he would download pictures as well as other information. Then he created another email account and text messaged the girl telling her he was one of her other friends whose cell phone had broken. He ‘proved’ it to her by sending photos that he had already downloaded from her page.

Once the 13-year-old girl trusted him he started using sexually graphic language and asked her to send him pictures of herself. He then posted the clothed photos to another fake Facebook profile.

Once the girl sort of figured out what what was going on she told her mother and they went to the real friend who she thought was doing this. When they discovered that the friend had nothing to do with it they called the police.

Wagner allegedly has other victims of his creepy scam and police are currently trying to identify them.

In addition to his MySpace and FaceBook he also has several profiles on gaming sites using the same blakewagner09 ID that he uses at FaceBook.

Blake’s MySpace

Blake’s FaceBook


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