Daniel Clark Poured Bleach on a Pussy and then Punched His Girlfriend

Daniel Warren Clark

Updated 11/11/2022 to include photo and clean up the old post.

32-Year-Old Daniel Warren Clark’s girlfriend was working on his computer around 8:30 on October 24th but apparently wasn’t able to fix it to his satisfaction because it ended up starting an argument between the two including accusations that he was cheating on her. He got so angry that she left. When she returned home around 2 a.m. she noticed that her dog and two of her cats were hiding in the living room looking scared.

When she went into the bedroom, she found blood on the wall but when she asked what happened, scared that he might have hurt her cat, Clark told her it was his. She allegedly called him a ‘punk’ and Clark pushed her over a couch and then punched her in the face. She left again with the animals she could find and went to a neighbor’s house.

The girlfriend came home yet again around 4:30 in the morning and asked him what had happened to her cat. At that point Daniel Clark left. She ended up finding the cat in a kitchen cabinet with blood on it. After taking the cat to the vet it was discovered that Clark had poured bleach on it, which can be dangerous to anyone or anything, particularly in the eyes.

Daniel Warren Clark was arrested and charged with assault, harassment, and animal abuse. He pleaded not guilty and is lodged in the Multnomah County Jail. Clark, who is unemployed, has been dating his girlfriend for about nine months.

In addition to his obvious anger problems Clark did time for assault and attempted rape on an ex-girlfriend in 1996 and had to complete anger management classes in jail.

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