Cara Williams Lied


I was at work Wednesday morning when I received the Levi’s Call (Amber Alert) for the one-year-old daughter of Cara Ann Williams of Jonesboro, GA. I think I may have passed it on to Twitter but that was about it. Turns out that Cara may have stretched the truth just a bit where that was concerned. Maybe more than just a bit.

28-Year-Old Cara Williams called police on Wednesday and reported to 911 that her daughter had been abducted around 6 a.m. by her ex-boyfriend (the father of the child). The alert said that the boyfriend was possibly armed and dangerous. Police cancelled the Levi’s Call when the little girl was found safe in Maryland with the boyfriend, who has custody of the girl and has been living there for the last two months.

Williams is currently lodged in the Clayton County Jail on charges of False Report of a Crime and Giving False Statements.

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