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I mentioned down below (back in March) that I thought the comments were fixed. Apparently not. Someone contacted me about not being able to post a comment a few days ago and I have been troubleshooting it all week. I finally contacted @Livingdot tech support last night and that (like quite a bit of tech support) was half-assed and hit and miss.

Sent and received 20+ emails since last night that went along the lines of:

“such and such is the problem”

“ok, it’s fixed now” and they close the ticket.

I check and it’s not fixed so reopen the ticket and email them back

“no, it’s not fixed”

This went on five or six times and finally I emailed them back and asked if they actually tried to post a comment and then checked to see if it’s there.

What the fuck, do you just assume that whatever little fix you’ve done has corrected everything without bothering to check? What the hell kind of tech support is that. I pay $300 a fucking year for hosting and except for the occasional outage only contact you guys a couple times a year. Most of the time the help I’ve received has been spot on. Maybe the real support folks are on vacation or something.

Anyway, after I woke up this morning I saw they had emailed me again and asked for the steps I was taking and screenshots so I sent them. For a second time. After most of the day has gone by  They emailed me back saying that it’s my plugins and when they disabled all of them the comments worked. Fuck. Most of my plugins are stock. Jetpack, WPsupercache, etc. Couldn’t be bothered to actually tell me which one so I went through one by one and started disabling. It’s the comments module of Jetpack along with WP Super Cache. Both of which I need. That sucks. I have them disabled for now which means the site will be slower.

I feel like it might have something to do with the site being hosted in a subdirectory of my domain and then mapped to that. I’ll do some looking around at the WP site and maybe I can get some answers. If not I may back everything up again and wipe it and do a complete reinstal in the root of my domain. Hate to do that for security reasons but this has been a pain in the ass for the last nine months trying to get everything working properly again.


Update — Received an email back from my host.


Thank you for the update.

The issue was not related to subdirectory, its was due to the interference of plugins installed on wordpress site.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance regarding this.”


Wow. So the problem with my WordPress install was plugins written for WordPress by the guys who make WordPress. Someone should tell them. Or not.

Fucking tech support morons.

I’ll fix the shit myself. It’ll just take longer.

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