Sheila Knight Receives 20 Years For Elder Abuse

Sheila Renee Knight

In 2019, Sheila Renee Knight of Douglasville, GA was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery Against Someone 65 or Older and Neglect to a Disabled Adult, Elderly Person, or Resident of a Long-Term Care Facility. Both are felonies in the State of Georgia.

Knight had been hired by the family of 86-year-old Pearl Conner to look after her three days a week, for eight hours each day. Back in May of 2019, police were called to the apartment after Knight had shoved Conner to the ground, BREAKING HER HIP and fracturing her wrist in the process. Pearl Conner did six months later, never really recovering from the brutal attack.

According to Knight, Pearl Conner had followed her to the restroom and tried to barricade her inside by moving a bookcase in front of the door and that she had defended herself. The responding officer wrote in his report that he did not believe Conner would be able to move anything given her physical state.

It’s unknown to me how long it took for authorities to be called but according to Knights arrest warrant, she did not immediately call 911 or seek any medical treatment. WTF, she goes make herself a sandwich and watch some TV first?

The police report also shows that Knight tried to leave the apartment before Police officers could question her. During a review of CCTV (the family had installed a surveillance system) it was obvious what had happened, and Acworth Police Captain Mark Cheatham told one news station “It was extremely concerning to see the caregiver — how nonchalant she was after this pretty significant fall. Given the behavior that’s exhibited on the video, it’s deeply concerning to think that she would be responsible for anyone else and their welfare.”

Knight was released after giving a statement but a warrant for her arrest was issued the following day (I’m assuming here that the cameras were reviewed AFTER she was released.) She was jailed without bond in the Cobb County Jail. At some point I assume that she did get bond as she was not incarcerated during the court case, but I don’t have any info yet on when she had been released.

Knight’s trial finally took place in September 2022. During Knight’s trial on September 29th, when the court broke for lunch, Knight disappeared and never came back. She had been in court every day but on the 29th the jury asked to see the video of the attack again and get an explanation of the charges. At that point I think she knew that she was going to prison and decided to bolt. During the trial she claimed that the video had been altered and that Conner had attacked her.

On October 7th, the U.S. Marshals Southeast Regional Task Force, along with the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office arrested Knight at a house in Paulding County. Knight had been on the run for eight days.

Since Sheila Knight was a repeat offender with three felonies, she is going to have to serve the full twenty-year sentence without parole. I don’t have all the details, but she was arrested in Dekalb County in 2014 and charged with Terroristic Threats and Acts (a felony), Stalking and Harassing Phone Calls. She was also previously arrested in Cobb County in 2016 and charged with Failure to Appear in court (a felony), possibly on the 2014 charges.

There’s a couple of things I want to know, not really important but I am inquisitive.

Had the family already installed the cameras or were they suspicious about something Ms. Conner has said or acted while the family was at work? How long did Knight take care of Pearl Conner prior to this incident?

In no way is this supposed to be disparaging to the family of Pearl Conner but did they do any sort of background check on Sheila Knight? Was she known to the family before they hired her, or referred by someone else? You never can tell how people are going to act and a lot of real assholes have gotten some pretty good references so definitely not the family’s fault but just something I was wondering.

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