Michael Butler Got Busy

Michael Jerome Butler

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35-year-old Michael Jerome Butler of Greenville, Alabama was arrested near Moody, Alabama after a crime spree that left people injured and included kidnapping and robbery.

This past Thursday, November 3rd, Butler kidnapped two teenage girls at gunpoint in Prattville, Al, robbed and raped them in the parking lot of a local business. The Prattville Police put out an armed and dangerous warning on Butler.

At some point Thursday or Friday, he made his way over to the West Georgia and Metro Atlanta area. The timeline of the crimes below may not be perfectly right. I’ve read multiple reports and news stories and am still sort of piecing this together. It’s on the Internet so you know it’s got to all be true 🙂

Butler reportedly committed several crimes in Fulton County including shooting a homeowner on Wilkerson Mill Rd. The victim was forced at gunpoint to give up his laptop, cell phone and wallet.

Butler showed up at the house of a couple in Coweta County on Waterworks Road., forcing them inside at gunpoint. Once inside he made the female victim tie the male up and started loading stolen items into their car. He then forced them into the car and made them drive toward interstate 85. The female was able to pull over in a gas station parking lot under the guise of securing some stuff he had stolen in the back seat, including a TV. He’s facing charges of Home Invasion, Aggravated Assault, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon just there in Coweta County

As soon as she was out of the car the female victim ran inside the gas station to call 911. Butler drove the car, with the male victim still tied up in it, back to their residence where he beat the man with his pistol after unsuccessfully shooting him.

Around twenty minutes later, Butler pulled into the driveway of a house on Hutcheson Ferry Road (Chattahoochee Hills area.) When the man walked out of his house, Butler told him he had a gift card for him. When the man got closer, Butler shot him several times before taking off and it seems, heading back to Alabama.

Saturday night, Butler was spotted driving through Oxford, Alabama. Police from Leeds pursued his vehicle and several other law enforcement agencies joined in the chase. He lost control of the vehicle and went down an embankment after a short pursuit on foot. Officers say that several firearms were discovered in the car.

Butler was taken into custody near Moody. Investigators from Prattville took him into their custody on Saturday night. Butler appeared in court on Monday the 7th via video conference. Originally, he was being held on a $1.5 million bond but that was rescinded, and he’s now being held in the Autauga County Metro Jail without bond. He is facing charges there on Kidnapping a Minor for Sexual Assault, Sodomy, Robbery and Sexual Torture.

Butler has a lengthy criminal history. The Pardons and Parole System had listed him as incarcerated but obviously he was out and scheduled to meet with his probation officer during the time that all of this was going down. He also has a history of failing to appear in court on previous arrests.

Updated 11/11/22 – Butler has now been charged in connection to the November 5th rape and shooting death of Victoria Ann Malet of Lincoln, Alabama. Her body was found on Sunday, November 6th in a wooded area of St. Clair County, AL. This looks to have been his final victim in the four day spree.

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