Luke Holden Ingram Beat His Grandfather to Death

19-year-old Luke Holden Ingram of Dunwoody, Georgia was arrested November 9th in Palm Coast, Florida after murdering a family member and severely injuring another.

Flagler County deputies responded to a 911 call from a woman that said a man had shown up at her door, claiming he’d been attacked.

When deputies arrived at the house on Clermont Court, the saw Luke Ingram standing near a man lying prone on the ground and appeared injured. Some sort of blunt object that appeared to have been used in the attack was also lying nearby. The arrest is in the body cam footage below.

Ingram was ordered out of the residence, which he did, but then stopped complying. Ingram ended up getting tased and detained so that EMTs could enter the house and see to the injured man, who was unfortunately pronounced dead at 3:24am. The man was allegedly Ingram’s grandfather, 85-year-old Darwin Larry Ingram.

According to police reports, Luke Ingram, a college student at Georgia Southern, suffers from schizophrenia and was acting strangely earlier in the week. The family convinced him to come visit them in Palm Coast. The surviving relative, Clint Ingram, Luke’s father said that Ingram was still acting strange during dinner, so he locked himself in his bedroom. At some point later he could hear Ingram and the victim arguing about a dog and a watch and then started hearing screams.

Clint Ingram came out and saw Luke Ingram sitting in a chair and told him he needed medical attention and went to get a phone. Ingram followed him shouting “No”. When his father tried to call 911, Ingram began choking him to the point where he nearly passed out, but bit Ingram on the arm and was able to run for help.

While being questioned by police, Ingram asked who he had killed.

He managed to get his handcuffs to the front of his body, and he bit a detective twice on the arm and chest while telling him “I will kill you”.

Ingram is currently being held in the Flagler County Jail without bond, charged with 2nd Degre Murder Without Premeditation, Domestic Strangulation, Resisting and Officer (two charges, one without and one with violence), and Aggravated Battery on an Officer, EMT or Firefighter.

Luke was charged by the Georgia Southern University Police Department in January 2022 with Fake ID and Obstruction.

I really feel like there is more to this story, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

I did find what appears to be his public Facebook page but I’m not 100% sure it is him, so I did not link it. If so, then it appears that his mother is deceased.

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