A day late

The ended up leaving a day later than expected, but have gotten there safely.
The only sucky part is that they get back in town Sunday evening, and I have to leave town for four days on Monday for training classes.

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  • Let me tell you something first of all this is my brother and i am not shamed to say this but you might get your info from the news but they dont state have of the shit that happened that night i have papers that show that if you dont know the true facts i think you should stop trying to be something your not.Yea he may have gone to jail and prison he has never and i mean never touched any little kids I have 2 girls of my own which our his neices and he has never done anything to them.Before making comments you should really wait til the end.Those so called heros couldnt even keep there story straight in court but i guess u did not no that either.Just like you probably did not no that louis was friends with one of those boys,see this is stuff people need to know i am sick of hearing bad shit about him when know one really knows the truth.We can judge when this trial is over and just to remind you it starts the 26th for your information but thats not in the news yet either.Thanks

  • Oh and one more thing it happened the end of July matter of fact July 25th for the exact date.I really dont no why you people get a kick out of this.you must not have nothing else better to do or something.Move on live your life let the judge and jury be the one to tell it.

  • We certainly would be interested in hearing the facts if they aren’t all out there. It was my understanding that the DA waited for the DNA results before actually pressing some of these charges.
    Are you trying to say that Louis is innocent of the charges?

  • Yeah right Sarah. I am sorry your brother is a twisted pervert. He will have his day in court but until then the public has every right to express their outrage that a seven year-old girl was raped. How will you explain his DNA being on this girl. And maybe the guys walking in the woods knew your brother. So what!
    In my opinion, anyone who rapes a child under the age of 16 should get the death penalty, once proven without a doubt, with DNA, and other evidence. They should not have a chance to get out and destroy another childs innocence. They often do a great deal of physical damage as well as being emotionally scarred. I am sick of reading about twerps and their violent perverted ways. Tis is another face of evil.

  • It is eternally tragic that -families of soul murderers-child sexual abusers/rapists are unable to accept-that a family member can be guilty of heinous crimes. Understanable (I guess)- but tragic nonetheless.
    Unless, of course- there were no DNA results or other evidence- Police and courts etc. usually get it right when it is “stranger” child rape-It is only in families where convoluted psychological mumbo jumbo holds sway.

  • And I suppose Sarah prolly thinks the girl asked for it or something, n/m that all the evidence indicates this scumbag is guilty…if he’s innocent, why did he run from the cops (shirtless, mind you) and try to hide in the woods? Oh, and funny how she attacks Richard, et al. for supposedly having nothing better to do, yet has no prob taking time to come on the site and rant/rave about it…I wonder if she’ll still be singing that tune when her pedo brother gets sentenced to hard time and ends up becoming the new toy of some 300-lb. guy named Bubba.

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