New Door Games

I’ve added BBS Tournament Wordle to the main Shadowscope Theme Door Games menu. Will try to get it added to the other themes when I get home from work this afternoon. Also, recently I have added a bunch of native Synchronet doors as well. These can be found in the doors in the “Ports” menu….Read more

DNS Issues for the BBS

If you’ve tried to connect recently using, apparently that has not been working at least for a couple of days. A mistake by my web hosting provider I would guess. As I have had my site here hosted with LivingDot for at least the last 15 years or so I just manage the DNS…Read more


Had a few minutes of downtime earlier. Just finished adding another network drive as I was running out of space for my Plex server. I now have 11 terabytes of network space (4 of that is free). Should be good for another couple of years. Going to take the BBS down again later this evening…Read more

* Pinned Post *

Going to pin this post (if it lets me) so that folks can more easily find the links. You can access the BBS by using your telnet client and visiting telnet:// or telnet:// If you want an EASY way to get to it from your web browser you can access it from this blog (best…Read more

BBS Guest Access

For the time being I have disabled the Guest account on the BBS. In order to access it from here (or via Telnet) you’ll need to spend the extra 30 seconds and set up an account. Bear in mind that accounts without a valid email address will be deleted. I don’t spam folks with crap…Read more

BBS Back Online

For some reason the port forwarding stopped working on my router recently. I’ve temporarily fixed the problem so you should be able to get back in.  Sorry about that. Also, I haven’t been on myself in several weeks so if you have attempted to contact me and I haven’t answered that is why. I’ll log…Read more

New L.O.R.D. IGMs added

I’ve added a couple of LORD IGMs to the game. I don’t like a lot of them but as I was a beta tester and support site for Joseph Masters’ stuff back in the day I have always liked Sandtiger’s bar and used Lord NPC as well. I’ve added those and Barak’s House as well….Read more

BBS Moved to a New Machine

I have moved the BBS to a Windows 7 32 bit machine. This may lead to issues with some of the software, so if something is not working please send me an email. In the long run it means that I can run most of the older 16-bit DOS games that I wasn’t able to…Read more

New Stuff on the Bulletin Board

I’ve updated a few things here and on the BBS this week. First off I created a separate Twitter account just for the BBS and my home automation system. Also figured out how to interface the BBS with Twitter and have it send automatic tweets as well. Also did a short tutorial on how to…Read more

Last Night’s Downtime

If you tried to log in to the BBS last night or send mail I apologize for the downtime. While Windows 10 has been rock solid for me as an OS it has the nasty habit of rebooting whenever it wants, regardless of what you tell it to do. I fell asleep before it had…Read more