Some Post Updates

If you subscribe to the site and received a bunch of notifications from old posts today, that is because I’ve just updated 50+ stories where Google Indexer found issues with some of the videos, most of which are no longer available at their original source. I’ve deleted the offending links and corrected a couple of…Read more


I managed to register both shadowscope.net and shadowscope.us; Both should forward here (along with richiemiles.com, which I have owned for several years. the subdomains which redirect to my BBS that’s hosted here, should also forward correctly. You can now access the board through: bbs.shadowscope.com, bbs.shadowscope.net, bbs.shadowscope.us and shadowscope.noip.us I have also upgraded my weather station…Read more

DNS Issues fixed

Apparently my web provider decided to restore something from backup and when they did it messed up my domain forwarding that I set up in the zone editor. When I asked them to restore all they did was add a 301 forwarding rule, which pretty much does nothing unless you are accessing stuff with a…Read more

Been Awhile

So I logged in this morning to clean up the several hundred spam comments that have collected over the last few months and realized it had been five months since my last post. DAYUM! I don’t normally neglect the site quite so much. No excuses. I guess between the crime site, work and Facebook I…Read more

tika tika tick…

When I am writing a bunch that’s the sound my wife makes. I don’t exactly type. It’s more like I bang the keyboard to death. I can take one of those extremely quiet keyboards and make it sound like an instrument of torture. I type so-so. I used to do the two fingered typing although…Read more

Leave The Reaming To Us…

Well, the Marine caught the Greyhound yesterday morning. He was supposed to ride to Raleigh, NC to the airport and then was going to catch some Z’s at the USO until his flight to Palm Springs, California left this morning. Long flight as he had a two hour layover in Chicago as well. He’s supposed to check in at Twentynine Palms by midnight tonight. There’s a glitch now. NO UNIFORMS, thanks to Greyhound Lines.

Eight and a Half Hours…

That’s how much sleep I managed to get last night. I can’t remember the last time I was able to sleep in until quarter of nine in the morning. It must have been back before the holidays at  some point I suppose. Each time I have had a day off I have always had some…Read more

Crap, How’d I Miss That?

While Shadowscope the blog doesn’t celebrate it’s blogiversary until June some time, Shadowscope the web site his nine years back on Christmas Day. I started out running the site mainly for BBSing and Skinning news back sometime in ’98 and installed my hit counter on Christmas Day, which is why I use that date as…Read more

Double Your PayPerClick Profits

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Car Insurance

The wife and the Marine had to run to Douglasville this morning. They are going ahead and getting some Christmas shopping taken care of this morning at the Mall. She hates going to the mall even more than she hates shopping but it’s one of those things I suppose. I was reading this story over…Read more