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Buyer Beware

I’m real funny about clothes. Hell, most of my shit is over 20 years old and up until a couple of years ago anything I had bought new amounted to the same style jeans I have been wearing forever and t-shirts from vacation spots which have taken the place of t-shirts from concerts.  I guess…Read more

It keeps going…

The energizer bunny by god. That’s me some days, or at least it feels like it. I didn’t sleep for shit last night. In bed at midnight, up at 2AM, up again for work at 5:30ish. Although it was officially my day off one of my managers is off as well so I am responsible…Read more

Another Reason to Quit

…smoking that is. This is really a no-brainer but the article entitled “Smokers encouraged to give up for financial health” really struck a chord with me. It’s all about how much money you can save by quitting smoking. It shows how much money you save if you smoke twenty cigarettes a day and quit smoking….Read more

Off Time

It’s been a pretty uneventful day here at the Miles Casa. I have a ton of things on my to-do list and haven’t managed to get very many of them done today. I need to pay some bills and start working on my 2007 taxes but somehow just don’t want to. I did manage to…Read more

Party On…

Only one person hung me today and I have taken her off the rest of the week. Amazingly enough for a Saturday I made it home at a decent time. I even had time to stop and get ice and chips for the party. Right now I am just drinking coffee, although once the Sam…Read more

Outdoor Home Decorations

If you’ve had the chance to come to the house you know that I am somewhat concerned about the way the yard looks. I don’t want just a nicely mowed lawn. I love gardens and knickknacks around the yard as well. I have Elephant Ears and Lillies, flowering vines and other neat stuff including two…Read more