How to Root the Pixel 7 Pro

FYI, if you buy a Google Pixel 7 from the Google store enter “Z1M77NMTD8MEMZWQI7SNT87” at checkout and both of us will get $100 in Google Store credit The Google Pixel 7 Pro is fairly easy to unlock, root and pass SafetyNet provided you have a little bit of knowledge on how to use the command…Read more

Goodbye AT&T

Since 2005 or so I have always paid full price for my phone, but normally I purchased them from my provider. In the long run it’s much cheaper because you aren’t paying finance charges. From ’99 until maybe three years ago I was with Verizon and grandfathered in the unlimited data plan as long as…Read more

Time to skin the cat

So a few weeks ago I cracked the screen on my current Nexus 6. Very slightly cracked. Not even enough to both OCD me. Unfortunately the crack spread last week and then I had two cracks. I decided to replace the screen. It’s tedious but not too difficult if you are careful. Took me a…Read more