Primary Day

So today is the primary elections here in Georgia. I had completely forgotten until a friend mentioned it in Hangouts just a little while ago. Hadn’t planned on leaving the house until later but I guess I will go out pretty shortly. Have to go to the grocery store and get some fixings for a…Read more

I feel like I just took one up the butt

Procrastination is my middle name. Well, actually it’s Harrison but that’s Latin or Greek for Tomorrow. or Something like that. Anyway, the point is I stayed up late and finished my taxes last night. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh? I probably would have filed an extension first but dammit that rebate will…Read more

Internet Freedom Preservation Act

In 2006, your voice helped stop mighty phone and cable companies from gutting Net Neutrality. In 2007, you pried open their cell phone networks and gave users a choice.
This year, we’re going to stop Internet blocking and censorship once and for all.

Bush to Rob Government Coffers One More Time…

…prior to leaving office next January. President George Bush has proposed a temporary tax package designed to spur the nation’s slowing economy. During a White House press conference President Bush and his economic advisers said that the U.S. economy is at risk for a downturn and Congress must act to head off trouble. “ ”…Read more

BLOGS4BORDERS Video Blogburst!

This weeks B4B Video Blogburst is up over at Freedom Folks, the body of the post is below in it’s entirety but go check out their site for older weekly posts as well as other good stuff. I have to go to a meeting/wrapping party tonight at six so this may very well be the…Read more

Now There’s A Point…

In theory I would love to see a Libertarian elected. With exception to the last couple of elections in which I voted mostly Republican I have always voted Libertarian straight down the board (with one guilty exception, I voted for Clinton the 1st time around). Ron Paul, no matter that he is running as a…Read more

Peace Sells…

…but who’s buying? Time to go to work now…

Congressman Westmoreland Supports the Fairtax

This is probably old news but I haven’t been to Representative Westmoreland’s homepage in quite some time. The last time I visited there was nothing definite at all concerning the Fairtax but now his statement on taxes is thus: “ ” The burden the federal tax system places on our families and businesses is one…Read more

Rudy Giuliani Supports Drug Dealers…

We already know from his record as Mayor of New York that he supports illegal aliens, why should I be surprised at that?

Senator Craig Insists He’s Not Gay

I had all kinds of nasty things to say about the disgraced senator but being as how I am such a sensitive guy I will let you make up your own punchlines. I think the moral of the story is not that he’s gay. To me that is pretty much a non-issue as I could…Read more