RPG Dice Roller For Android

So I made a pretty simple dice roller for my android phone using Tasker. If you don’t know what Tasker is, it’s an all-around automation app. It’s been around for as long as I have been using Android phones I would guess. I’ve used it for years but have gotten really serious about it in…Read more

Hacked Again

One of the downsides of posting crime stories on top of the tech stuff is that some people (including Google apparently) count it as hate speech. I don’t know but it seems to make the site a target for getting hacked. It’s happened several times over the last few years, but I’ve gotten rather good…Read more

Robert Allen Vandel is a Serial Pedophile

Back in September 2021 police arrested Robert Allen Vandel at Lyndon Academy in Holly Springs, GA. Even though his teaching certificate had been revoked and he had misconduct allegations sprinkled throughout his career, he was working at a private school. A wealth of information in this post is from the Atlanta Journal Constitution in a…Read more

Updating Old Posts

As I am going through the older posts on here (and the ones that are still listed as private) I am slowly but surely trying to fix problems with formatting, grammar, missing information, and photographs. Each time I update a post, WordPress sends an email out like it was a new post. I’m not sure…Read more

Michael Butler Got Busy

Updates at bottom of the post. 35-year-old Michael Jerome Butler of Greenville, Alabama was arrested near Moody, Alabama after a crime spree that left people injured and included kidnapping and robbery. This past Thursday, November 3rd, Butler kidnapped two teenage girls at gunpoint in Prattville, Al, robbed and raped them in the parking lot of…Read more

Manhunt Underway for Brentson Bernard Thomas

There is a manhunt currently underway in McDonough, GA. It’s subject? 32-year-old Brentson Bernard Thomas. He’s currently facing two counts of Aggravated Assault and one of Murder. He is also wanted in Clayton County as well as Miami-Dade County, FL on charges of Assault. McDonough Sheriff’s deputies had the Hadden Place Apartments blocked off on…Read more