Life360 Nearing End of Life (For Me)

I’ve been using Life360 for close to ten years. I don’t remember how long exactly but started using it when my second child was a teenager, and she just turned 26. It’s been extremely helpful in past years not to snoop (although that’s what we were doing with our kids) but to keep tabs on…Read more

Go Check Out All Pro Renovations

Just a quick plug for some guys that have done a bit of work in our historic house. All Pro Renovation LLC, located in West Ga, has done several different pieces of electrical work for us including installing dedicated breakers for our pond pump, new light fixtures and new outlets. Quick, clean work and knowledgeable….Read more

New Door Games

I’ve added BBS Tournament Wordle to the main Shadowscope Theme Door Games menu. Will try to get it added to the other themes when I get home from work this afternoon. Also, recently I have added a bunch of native Synchronet doors as well. These can be found in the doors in the “Ports” menu….Read more

Telnet Page Fixed

I took a little time and fixed it so that the BBS telnet page is working again and can be logged into from the web page. Not sure why it wasn’t working but it is now… Some of the fonts I am using don’t seem to display properly, I may consider going back to the…Read more

RPG Dice Roller For Android

So I made a pretty simple dice roller for my android phone using Tasker. If you don’t know what Tasker is, it’s an all-around automation app. It’s been around for as long as I have been using Android phones I would guess. I’ve used it for years but have gotten really serious about it in…Read more

How Not to Tech Support – A Lesson from Life360

An example of what NOT to do in tech support. I tend to update my phone at least once a year, sometimes more. I’ve gone through all the Pixels except the 4, the Oneplus 7 and 8, Note 3 and 10, all the Google Nexus family, a couple of different HTC ones, the Droid Incredible…Read more

Hacked Again

One of the downsides of posting crime stories on top of the tech stuff is that some people (including Google apparently) count it as hate speech. I don’t know but it seems to make the site a target for getting hacked. It’s happened several times over the last few years, but I’ve gotten rather good…Read more

Updating Old Posts

As I am going through the older posts on here (and the ones that are still listed as private) I am slowly but surely trying to fix problems with formatting, grammar, missing information, and photographs. Each time I update a post, WordPress sends an email out like it was a new post. I’m not sure…Read more

DNS Issues for the BBS

If you’ve tried to connect recently using bbs.shadowscope.com, apparently that has not been working at least for a couple of days. A mistake by my web hosting provider I would guess. As I have had my site here hosted with LivingDot for at least the last 15 years or so I just manage the DNS…Read more

How to Root the Pixel 7 Pro

FYI, if you buy a Google Pixel 7 from the Google store enter “Z1M77NMTD8MEMZWQI7SNT87” at checkout and both of us will get $100 in Google Store credit The Google Pixel 7 Pro is fairly easy to unlock, root and pass SafetyNet provided you have a little bit of knowledge on how to use the command…Read more