Go Check Out All Pro Renovations

Just a quick plug for some guys that have done a bit of work in our historic house. All Pro Renovation LLC, located in West Ga, has done several different pieces of electrical work for us including installing dedicated breakers for our pond pump, new light fixtures and new outlets. Quick, clean work and knowledgeable….Read more

Peak Design Universal Adapter

I recently ordered and received the Peak Design Universal Adapter and finally got the chance to try it out today. I actually received it for free as I have ordered a case from them, the Everyday Case for Pixel. Due to various problems the cases are still on back order. No big deal but Peak…Read more

Google Wifi Update

SO I’ve been using Google Wifi for a couple of months now and wanted to sort of update my initial review. I picked up the Google Wifi two-pack from the Google Store back at the beginning of December. Overall I was very pleased, at least initially. Setup is easy and without getting into benchmarks or testing…Read more

Sponsored Posts

It’s been several years since I’ve done so but I am probably going to start doing sponsored posts (or just sponsored links inside some posts) to help defray some of the costs I incur running my site as well as other things. I made pretty decent money while I was heavily doing it. I don’t…Read more

Buyer Beware

I love coupons and deals. Hey, if I can save a buck or two that’s usually a good thing particularly if I’m in a situation where I can see the goods beforehand. Groupons, not so much. Now, for services they seems to be ok. I’ve purchase meals ahead of time and concert tickets once. Goods…Read more

Don’t Use Home Depot Online If You Have A Choice

So the wife worked her summer vacation in order to save enough money to get the living room floor replaced (and the kitchen shortly after hopefully.) Anyway, back at the beginning of the month we finally ordered the hardwood (laminate flooring actually). Right around $1000 worth of floor. It’s been a fucking nightmare dealing with…Read more

Moto 360 Review

The Moto 360 isn’t exactly new any more and there are plenty of reviews from folks that have a lot more knowledge about the equipment and industry than I do but I wanted to share my impressions after 12 days with the watch. First off, I really like my 360 and really want to love…Read more