How Not to Tech Support – A Lesson from Life360

An example of what NOT to do in tech support. I tend to update my phone at least once a year, sometimes more. I’ve gone through all the Pixels except the 4, the Oneplus 7 and 8, Note 3 and 10, all the Google Nexus family, a couple of different HTC ones, the Droid Incredible…Read more

Site Updates

Seems like the only time I post at all the last couple of years is when I’ve updated the site. I’ve temporarily changed from the comic based theme here to retrogeek. Not sure if I like this or not but as most of my stuff the last couple of years has to do with the…Read more

Another Update on the Site

So I’ve managed to set up apache, mysql and wordpress on my machine here. I had to manually edit some of the recovered sql files and was able to import a couple thousand more lost posts and several thousand comments. Still missing quite a bit but I think that’s all I’ll be able to recover….Read more

“Social Media”

It seems as though perhaps I fell prey to one of the downfalls of social media. The end effect of that is that I have been spending all of my computer time on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (yes, that is shameless linking to my profiles) not to mention a few of the other sites. That’s not necessarily a…Read more

99% Tagline

In the wake of all the bullshit surrounding the OWS and the 99%ers I realized on my last bi-yearly visit that my tagline was misleading and felt the need to share a little bit about what it is and why it has nothing to do with the protesters. While I may be part of that…Read more


So up until the previous Wordless Wednesday post I put up a few minutes ago this is the first time I’ve blogged since April. April? Holy Shit. So why do I even bother to keep my site(s) online? Good question. I won’t even apologize for the lack of posting. That’s pretty fucking lame. Suffice it…Read more


I will be switching this site as well as Shadowscope from Movabletype to WordPress shortly. I have run MT since 2002 or 2003 and while I really like the extensibility of it MT has become more of a pain in the ass than it’s worth. Comment spam has become overwhelming and the only way to…Read more


Sorry if the site was screwed up for a little while. I managed to hose some of the code in my header and it caused everything to disappear. Shit happens. It’s fixed. I should be in bed by now but I made the mistake of lying down for a short nap around 4PM this afternoon….Read more

Just a So-So Day…

So I think I mentioned yesterday the Temple PD was out raising money at one of my stores this weekend. Either they must have hit the $5k mark or they just decided to throw in the towel early because they cleared out around 3pm today. If they just decided to shut down I don’t blame…Read more

Great Intentions…

I never did get to go to the gym today. I had every intention of getting started, I even got there and two women were already there using the equipment I was going to get started on. Rather than hang out as well as being embarrassed because I really don’t know what the fuck I…Read more