Pixel Watch – Two Weeks On

So, I received the Pixel Watch back on October 13th and figured I would post an update on it. I got the non-LTE version as I already have five lines on my mobile and don’t currently feel like I need the added capability that it provides. I’m never anywhere without my phone, and (I am…Read more

Litestep is Still a Thing

Wow. Who knew? One of the very first posts of mine online from back in November ’99 was about Litestep, a replacement desktop shell for Windows that basically emulated a Linux desktop of the time. Apparently it’s still around. You can check out screenshots and download it at some of the links below. Talk about…Read more

Gadget Blogs

I run a tech site. It’s just a small blog where I will occasionally post news and videos and such. I have never intended for it to be one of the huge gadget blogs, don’t consider it a ‘contender’ or anything like that. I just enjoy writing. I also run a very specific site targeted…Read more

My Take on Google Chrome

So I decided to check out Google Chrome and downloaded it the other day to check it out. I am back to using Flock again as of this morning but I am still not happy with it. I really liked Chrome and probably could have come to use it as my default browser. As a…Read more

iPod Touch Free 2.0 Upgrade

I came across the links over at Live Crunch. Personally I paid for the wife’s upgrade the day it came out but for those of you that want to save $10 here are a couple of links… (Mirror 4) Download (Mirror 5) Download Go check out Live Crunch if you get the time… There are…Read more

…and so it begins

Pete was on the cell phone a couple of days ago chatting with one of her friends as girls do when she dropped it in a bucket of water. She was watering the plants out front. And talking on the phone at the same time. It was the wife’s phone since neither of us believe…Read more

Charter High-Speed

I’ve been using Charter internet access ever since it became available out here in the boondocks a few years back. Prior to that I had DSL through Bellsouth. While I liked having a static IP address (which I had to pay extra for) Charter High Speed is certainly much faster than DSL ever was, at…Read more

Cheap PDA Stuff

I’ve got a thing for gadgets, specifically PDAs. I’m not sure what it is but I like the idea of being connected and being able to do my computing in the palm of my hand. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be though. I’ve gone from a Palm M100 to a Palm Vx, HP…Read more

GPS Tracking

Supposedly my Freedom Keychain GPS device that I picked up last year while I was still using my Samsung i760 will work with the Blackberry Pearl. I know the GPS device does work because I have gotten it to partner with my computer as well as my old cell phone, but for the life of…Read more

Can You Hear Me Now?

Fall Back. Spring Forward. Or maybe it’s spring back and fall forward. Doh! I get it. Spring forward and Fall back. I’m sure I must be brain dead or something. I’m riding home from drawer change tonight and it struck me. Spring Forward. Fall back. As in the seasons. I’m sure I already knew that…Read more