Had a few minutes of downtime earlier. Just finished adding another network drive as I was running out of space for my Plex server. I now have 11 terabytes of network space (4 of that is free). Should be good for another couple of years. Going to take the BBS down again later this evening…Read more

* Pinned Post *

Going to pin this post (if it lets me) so that folks can more easily find the links. You can access the BBS by using your telnet client and visiting telnet:// or telnet:// If you want an EASY way to get to it from your web browser you can access it from this blog (best…Read more

BCR Game Server

Finally got around to adding BCR Game Server to the BBS tonight. Check it out on my board or hit them up directly here.

BBS Updates

I’ve gotten some more finished on the menus and prompts. Still have a ton of stuff to do and not enough time of course. I’ve also added a few new games. If anyone know where to find it I am attempting to locate the win32 version of LORD that was in testing a few years back so that…Read more

How to Block Hackers On Synchronet

Anyone familiar with having a blog or web site can tell you that spam and getting hacked are a constant thing. Hell, I had to completely redo my web site late last year after getting hacked. Well, apparently hacking BBSes is still a thing. For the most part all of the ip addresses associated seem…Read more


The BBS tutorials are back online! I managed to recover them as well as the pics that were with most of them. In addition I’ve started trying to figure out why my telnet applets aren’t working anymore. May have them fixed tonight. Or not. Lol. Correction, I have gotten ftelnet working. Never could get flashterm…Read more

Another Update on the Site

So I’ve managed to set up apache, mysql and wordpress on my machine here. I had to manually edit some of the recovered sql files and was able to import a couple thousand more lost posts and several thousand comments. Still missing quite a bit but I think that’s all I’ll be able to recover….Read more

Site Update

So I’ve managed to recover some (but not all) of my posts. I’ll have to set up a local site, load the database and then export the contents. Problem with that is no time to get it done anytime soon. As far as the bbs, it’s still online and accessible. I have also managed to…Read more

Happy New Year!

So the holidays are always a drag for me. Lots of hours and very little time for anything else. They are over now thank goodness. As far as site updates here or my other blogs I’ve done very little other than maintenance updates, etc. A post here and there but that’s about it. Same with…Read more

BBS Update

The move to its own computer has finally been accomplished. I’ve gotten Shadowscope up and running on a partially dedicated laptop instead of a VM now. I say partially because it also houses my home automation software. That’s more for ease of use because I’ll be somewhat integrating the two. Nothing on the surface, mainly…Read more