Richard E. Miles August 12th 1946 – July 30th 2010

Richard Edward Miles was born at Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia  on August 12th, 1946, the son of Fred Harrison Miles and Amy Reese Miles. He grew up in Sandy Springs, Georgia and graduated from Sandy Springs High School in 1965. Shortly after graduation he joined the Marine Corps and got married to his…Read more

Spring Break

So the girls are officially on spring break for the next nine days, including the wife. Unfortunately I will only have one of those days off 🙁 I think they are planning on going to the Atlanta Zoo tomorrow and then Sunday they are driving back down to Hilton Head to spend a few days…Read more


I feel as if someone beat me all over with a padded stick. No bruises or anything, just a dull ache. I was already sore before I ever made it to the gym this afternoon, but I did go for my second trip there. I used several of the weight machines and ended up on…Read more

A Two Handed Drinker

Damn. Now that was a good nap. I hadn’t planned on sleeping but it just turned out that way. The wife and girls went to church for supper tonight. Now before you say it, “Gawrsh, they let the Miles household into church!”, the girls particularly enjoy it. The wife isn’t exactly church-going and I would…Read more


Something I just am not getting enough of. I have probably posted more today than I have the entire week. It’s funny how that ends up working out. I had actually planned on coming home yesterday and spending the majority of the day on the computer but I was at work until about midnight Tuesday…Read more

90 Hours

It was a pretty uneventful day. I spent the great majority of the morning running around and didn’t make it back to the house until early this afternoon. I actually had written a couple of posts on my phone but for some reason Pocket SharptMT keeps losing my darn settings and won’t post. Guess I…Read more

Just a Sickly Bunch

I woke up this morning seriously hurting. At the time I wasn’t sure if it was my chest or if I had pulled something. It was actually closer to my back but every time I coughed (or moved for that matter) I had a seriously sharp pain. Ends up I have pulled a muscle or…Read more

Busy Day

I haven’t been doing as well with the non-smoking the last couple of days, although I am still smoking way less than I was. I am working on that today. Even with the Chantix this has been pretty darned hard. One day I want to quit and the next I don’t.


24 hours later and the blog is publishing again. I am still not sure what the heck was up with that. I made some changes in my templates and cut out some overhead but I still think it was some sort of database issue. Either way it pisses me off but I won’t bitch too…Read more

Almost Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s day is a darned joke. Up until he late sixties the Catholic Church recognized almost a dozen different Valentine’s Days, named so after Christian martyrs. Our current Valentine’s Day comes from two of them named Valentine and is supposed to be a saints day commemorating Saint Valentine. During the time of that dirty old…Read more