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Vacation Time

Can’t sleep. The girls and I fly out in a couple of hours for another foray to Disney World, which has become their favorite place to vacation over the last few years. Hell, we have just as much fun and they do a pretty good job at giving you a great time so that the…Read more


I guess I’ll leave this on top for a couple of days. Directions and whatnot are down below.  This week has crept up on me. I started my vacation this morning (Wednesday) and while I had to go into one of my stores for a bit it was a quick visit and now I’m done…Read more

Downtown Disney

I mentioned yesterday that I had had enough of Disney by this time. For our last day there we decided to spend the first part of it at one of the water parks and then go to Downtown Disney that afternoon. I’m glad we got to be able to go. While I didn’t particularly want…Read more

Dinner at the Grand Floridian…

Last week I posted about Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The same day we went to Epcot we had reservations at 1900 Park Place (I think that’s the name of the restaurant) at thr Grand Floridian Resort. Since it was a character meal we didn’t want to miss it. For some reason I thought it was…Read more


The next morning (June 3rd) we went to Epcot. I had never been to Epcot before and I was really impressed. The week was finally getting to us and we overslept. We had a Princess Breakfast scheduled for something like 8:30 in the morning for the girls at Epcot and we woke up at something…Read more

More Disney Action…

I haven’t posted anything else about our trip to Disney since around the beginning of July so I thought it a good time to put up some more pictures from the trip. The last time I was talking about it I had gotten to our day at Hollywood Studios. We had to drag the kids…Read more

Wordless Wednesday – Water Fun

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Traveling in Comfort

While I much prefer driving when we travel sometimes there are just instances where you have to fly such as when we went to Nassau back in February or when our son comes home from California at Christmas. It’s just too far to drive in one instance and impossible in the other. I hate flying…Read more


The wife posted an entry over at her site. Apparently the phone number she posted for the Chalet Kristy was incorrect. The correct number is 706-878-2155. Also, oh by the way, there is something else big going on that weekend (aside from the fact that it’s Oktoberfest in Helen) so if you are planning on…Read more